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Taming Irrigational Lands With Laser Leveller

Posted by Admin on September, 15, 2021

A measure adopted for surface irrigation is called land levelling. With this means, an irrigation plot is prepared in such a way that any high or low spots on the land would not hamper the uniform allotment of educational water on the field. The practice of land levelling also ensures an optimal slope for the movement of the water all across the field while irrigation. Land levelling results in more productive irrigation.

Land Levellers
This land levelling is done either manually or with help of a machine and some corresponding equipment. This machine is called a land leveller. Traditionally the farmers used to level their fields by drawing tractors with help of animals. But in the present time, machines with levellers are used, which are drawn by tractors. These levellers consist of a blade that acts as a small bucket. This blade helps to shift the soil from the higher positions to the low lying pits.

Land levelled by traditional methods is found levelled not so precisely, which further leads to uneven distribution of the water for irrigation purposes. The advanced method used for levelling or grading the irrigation field is by using levelling equipment guided with laser technology. LaserLeveller levels the land at a certain degree of the required slope by utilizing a guided laser beam all over the field.

Parts of a Laser Leveling System
A land levelling machine, controlled by laser technology consists of five major components, which are as follows:

  1. The drag bucket/scrapper can have a linkage with 3 points either mounted on or dragged by a tractor. This system is generally adopted because it is easier to attach the hydraulic system of the tractor to an external hydraulic by a linkage system of 3 points.
  2. The laser transmitter is hoisted on a tripod that helps the laser beam for sweeping above the field.
  3. The laser receiver is a part that is directed in multiple directions for detecting the position of the laser reference plane. It also conveys this signal to the control box.
  4. The control box approves and processes different signals from the receiver mounted on the machine. The control box displays these signals for indicating the position of the drag buckets comparatively to the finished grade.
  5. The hydraulic system of the tractor is utilised mainly to procure oil for raising and lowering the levelling bucket. Working Mechanism

A system of laser leveller comprises a laser transmitting unit that spreads out an infrared beam of light which have the potential of travelling up to 700 meters in a straight line. The receiver is the next part of the laser system which senses the infrared beam of light and transforms it into an electrical signal. After that, the electrical signal is directed by a control box for activating an electric hydraulic valve.

The bladeofthegrader is raised and lowered by the hydraulicvalve a number of times per second for keeping it pursuing the infrared beam. The purpose of laser levelling of the irrigational field is accomplished with help of a dual slope laser that controls the land leveller's blades automatically for precisely grading the surface by eliminating all undulation that might hold water.

The laser transmitters develop a reference plane over the working area by swirling the laser beam at 360 degrees. Then the receiving system observes the beam and guides the machine automatically for maintaining the proper grade. The laser can be sloped or levelled in dual directions. All this mechanism is handled automatically without the land leveller operator even touching the hydraulic controls.

The use of land levellers implies a number of benefits for the farmers over the conventional methods of land levelling. These advantages are as follows:

  • The use of land levellers helps in reducing the time required for irrigation along with the usage amount of water. Hence it further helps in water conservation.
  • The use of the laser land leveller machine results in uniform allotment and distribution of water.
  • Again, significantly less amount of water is required for preparing the land.
  • The use of laser land leveller results in levelling the land precisely and also smoothing the soil surface.
  • By using this machine, an environment with uniform moisture is created for the crops.
  • The use of laser land levellers accounts for growing fewer weeds in the field.
  • The soil prepared by the use of a laser land leveller makes it favourable for good germination and also the growth of the crop.
  • This machine also ensures uniformity in the maturity of the crop.
  • The laser land levellers result in reduced seed rate, chemicals, fertilisers and the requirement of fuel.

There are several companies that deal in wholesale manufacturing and distributing laser levellers. Laser Leveller Manufacturer claim of providing their customer with machinery that is effective, easy to use and highly efficient. They offer highly competitive rates for their products.

Landlevellingisconsideredoneofthemostimportantthingsthatfarmersdoforensuringbettergrowthofcrops. It is a precursor to good soil, crop management and agronomic practices

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