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What All You Should Know About Duck Foot Plough?

Posted by Admin on November, 27, 2021

The duck foot plough is also called the chisel plough. This is a common tool or machine used by farmers all around the globe. This tool is very beneficial to create and get tillage (prepared land) with limited soil disruption. The prime function of this plough is to loosen and aerate the soils while dropping crop residue at top of the soil. Chisel plough can be used to decrease the effects of compaction. It helps to break up the plough pan and hardpan.

There are different types of plough available, and among them, the duck foot plough will not invert or turn the soil. This characteristic has turned it a beneficial addition to no-till and lows till cultivation practices which endeavour to maximize the erosion-prevention. It also benefits by keeping the organic matter and farming residues activated on the soil surface throughout the year.

The function of duck foot plough or chisel plough

The chisel plough is fortified with narrow, double-ended spades or chisel points installed on long shanks. These points tear through the soil and mix it but do not transpose and crush as well as the mouldboard and disk plough. The chisel plough is frequently used to loosen hard, dry soils before normal ploughing; it is also beneficial for shattering plough soles.

Benefits of chisel plough:

Chisel ploughing loosen and aerate the soil

Reduces the effect of tightness and compactness

It can help break up the hardpan of the soil for seeding

It decreases soil erosion low till agricultural conditions

It stops the formation of surface coatings, which benefits water to infiltrate the soil

Chisel ploughing decreases severe weed roots below the surface.

Reasons to plough a field with a chisel plough

Rich, black topsoil does need some preparation for the ideal growth of seeds. Here are the reasons to plough a field.

Farmers give those seeds the best chance of germinating and growing in the field through ploughing means mechanically preparing seedbeds by breaking the ground.

Soil can become solid and compact. Ploughing also makes it easier to plant.

Ploughing breaks up the blocky structure of the soil, which can aid in drainage and root growth.

Ploughing fields can also turn organic matter into the soil to increase decomposition and add nutrients from the organic matter to the soil.

One prime advantage of ploughing is that it can mechanically break up weed roots and disrupt weeds from growing.

The soil will absorb more sunlight and increase soil temperature more quickly than soil that has plant matter on it.

Some disadvantages of over ploughing the field

It recommends by the farming experts that over ploughing the field is dangerous to the crop. While ploughing or farming fields can disrupt the weed lifecycle, they can also disturb the microorganisms in the soil and will affect soil health adversely. Bacteria, fungi, worms and insects that all live in the soil, form a unique environment that supports health of the soil. Many of these organisms that break down the organic matter in and on the soil.

Types of plough supplied by duck foot plough manufacturers:

Basic duck foot plough-

Increase crop production up to 8 %. It is created to withstand the toughest work conditions of hard black soils.

Super duck foot plough

The mainframe is made out of a heavy-duty TUBE section. Lift is made of a fancy plate cutting model.

Deluxe duck foot plough

The mainframe is made out of a heavy-duty L ANGLE section. The lift is made of a fancy plate cutting model.

Heavy-duty duck foot plough

The mainframe is made out of a heavy-duty TUBE section. For heavy models folding variant is also available with a Tyre attachment.

Where to get the best quality chisel plough or duck foot plough?

Select only the reputed manufacturers and suppliers. There are plenty of reasons to choose Duck Foot Plough Manufacturers. Some are as follows:

Quality Assurance

the best manufacturer and supplier of basic duck foot plough in the country today are so popular in the market due to quality assurance. The products are made in a factory using parts sourced from the best dealers and vendors in the country.

Affordable Pricing

Also, these are tested at every stage to ensure that it is of international standard quality with a promise of the lowest possible price.

Timely Delivery

They deliver products always on time having an amazing logistic system that helps us to supply our products without any delay or problems. They promise to deliver it to your location faster and easier. Using good quality packaging to ensure that the products reach safe and sound to customers is their forte.

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